AI-Based Digital Queue Management Solution

A Smart End-to-End Queuing Solution

There’s nothing more tedious or as time-consuming as waiting to be serviced in never ending queues, be it governmental institutions, banks, or telecom service providers. Now there’s a handy solution to slash people’s waiting time: QMe.

QMe is the future of queuing: a digital queue management solution, available on mobile application, which will allow customers to join a queue for a service before physically arriving at the chosen venue. With QMe, customers can choose the desired service provider, pick a service, choose recommended or desired branch, and get a ticket – in just a few clicks from any smartphone.

QMe is not just about getting a place in the queue. It’s an AI-based real-time digital queuing app with an automated end-to-end user handling experience. The allocated tickets are based on the customer’s location and how many people are in the branch, guaranteeing minimal to almost zero waiting time. Customers also get customized alerts based on their location and branch’s queues status– resulting in a more streamlined and better customer handling experience.

An AI-Based digital queuing solution that allow customers
to remotely enter the requested service queue based on their location

Integrable with most queue management systems

Get a ticket and enter the service queue via a smartphone

Get directions to the recommended or desired branch

End-to-end automated customer experience

Push notifications include ticket updates and customer surveys


Digitally Transforming Queues!

A smart virtual digital queuing solution that allows customers to choose the service provider and services required to enter a virtual queue with just a few clicks.

Available as an independent mobile app and integrable with any other existing app or solution (through APIs).

Customer will receive a real-time ticket for desired service in the recommended branch based on their location, available service, branch load and traffic status.

How QMe App Works

Download the Qme App

Available on both App Store
and Google Play Store

Select Required Service

From the services list of the chosen
Service Provider

Recommended/Desired Branch

Customer can choose the recommend best branch or choose the desired one

Get Ticket/Enter Queue

And get step-by-step direction to the selected branch

It is that simple!

Now you can just relax and let QMe eliminate any surprises, guaranteeing you minimal to almost zero waiting time.

Why Qme?

Qme is all about eliminating long waiting queues and giving time back to your customers and clients. Now you can digitally manage customers waiting time, traffic flow on your branches, and improve the overall customer experience.


Recommended branch based on fastest time to be served

Issuing ticket based on customer arrival time

Keeping track of customer and branch though the whole journey

Keep your current queuing managment system

QMe Benefits for Businesses